Book's new life

Quite amazing hand work and beautiful pieces of art made of old books that previously have been just dust collectors, Book Origami by Isaac Salazar.




I love this new Marimekko fabric "Yhdessä" with many favorite Marimekko prints in one and in black and white! This could definitely be a nice table clothe for our dining table and it comes also as coated cotton which might be handy with kids, have to put it on the wish list...

Petite pink

Today we took a trip to the city and picked up from Gaudete Kids the adorable french Petit-Bateau clothes I had ordered online. All super cute, pink and in -60% sale so I just couldn't resist. These Petit-Bateau clothes seem to be also very petite since the 12m/74cm sized jumpsuit is just slightly big for our 3 months old who's a bit over 62cm!

Ode to Eames

Our beloved rocking chair

 Eames Side Chairs

I really love these fresh colours the classic Charles and Ray Eames Dining Height Side Chairs and and RAR rocking chairs are available by Vitra. These beautiful chairs from the 1950 were the first ever manufactured plastic chairs. I would just love to have one of each colour one day now we don't really have any more space for more chairs. So I'll wait for a bigger place and now enjoy our comfy RAR rocking chair which we got last summer!

True blue

I was dressing up to go out, looked down and there it was... Honestly, this was not planned. I'm not that serious about colour matching really and I DO like other colours as well!

Mail day

These little animals left by mail today -wonder who will get them soon ;)

Marimekko by colour

Marimekko has a nice search by colour option on their website. Hadn't notice this before or then it's new - cool anyway!

Unseen outlines

'Grande papilio' armchair, B&B italia
photo by Tamotsu Fujii

'Neon' mobile phone, au / KDDI
photo by Tamotsu Fujii

Ball-point pen, LAMY
photo by Tamotsu Fujii

'Nanocare EH5441' dryer, Panasonic Electric Works
photo by Tamotsu Fujii

These photos are from one of the most beautiful design exhibitions I've seen: THE OUTLINE: THE UNSEEN OUTLINE OF THINGS by Naoto Fukasawa and Tamotsu Fujii in 2009. With Tamotsu Fujii's impactful photographs bring a new dimension to the great design pieces of Naoto Fukasawa. The photographs make the objects look like something abstract or even something totally different than what they are. Photos from here.

An 'outline' is a contour of something. It is also the boundary that delineates an object and its surrounds. Since that which surrounds an object is air, the outline of a hole in the air that is shaped like an object is the same as the outline of the object itself. The air is also a metaphor for the atmosphere around that object. this air (atmosphere) is composed of everything that exists around the object – elements such as peoples’ experiences and memories; customs and gestures; time, circumstance and sound; technology and culture; and history and trends. 
Should even one of these elements change, and the outline of the object changes too. People share this outline of the air implicitly. My job is to determine this outline and to design something that slots right into it. 

When I first saw Tamotsu Fujii's photos, I was surprised at the indistinct outline of things. But when I thought about it, I realized that since objects blend into air and light, their outlines can't clearly be seen by people. I was blown away by this fact. I thought, "Fujiitakes photos of scenery, even when he's photographing objects".He's captured both my designs and the air that surrouns them. Tamotsu Fujii sees the outlines that everyone knows yet cannot see.

- Naoto Fukasawa

The exhibition venue was the amazing space of 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo, designed by Tadao Ando. 

Together this exhibition space, the beautiful designs and simplistic photographs made a memorable impact. The exhibition book with all the great photos was one of the best buys of our Japan trip!

Photos from here and there

I've collected some colourful shots in this collage of my photos from my Flickr where I've been saving my photos for the last couple of years. My photos are mainly about things from everyday life, travel and design of course...

The High Line

I visited The High Line park in New York about a year ago, just wanted to post this anyway since I really loved the place. The High Line is bringing a new kind of green area into this really urban environment. The park has been implemented in a nice fresh way and it offers also a view to some really amazing pieces of architecture. I really recommend to take a walk up there on a sunny day if you are visiting NY!

Simple pleasures

Little one got a balloon puppy from a clown in a fair yesterday, we've been staring at it a lot today. How all the things can be so amazing when you're 3 months old! I've always found this quite cool as well, from such a simple shape  it's made with couple of twists to something like this -how creative is that who ever came up with it in the first place!

Black and white day

I went for a walk couple of days ago, on a cloudy day with everything covered in snow it felt that black and white were the only colours I could see.

here we go!

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