here we go!

This blog is a cocktail of things that inspire me, big or small, important or silly. Pinjacolada is nothing too serious but something that I do for fun, so lets see where it will take us! I love photography, intelligent and beautiful design of all kinds, travelling, nature and all the great things in life like my family!



  1. What a beautiful blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and reading about your interests!

  2. PS: I'm not pregnant anymore, even though the follower picture indicates so:D That's the old profile picture and for some reason it didn't change when I updated my profile.

  3. Moi Kiki! Kiitos kovasti, thanks a lot! :)

    PS: I don't understand either how these profile pictures work, I seem to have at least two different profiles that I don't know how to control yet :/