Sweet for my sweet

Jotain makeaa makeille! Ystävänpäivän cup cake leivonta ei mennyt täysin ohjeen mukaan, mutta makeaa tuli ja hyvältä maistui!

Something very sweet the sweetest! My Valentine's cup cakes didn't totally turn out as they should by the book but they were very sweet and delicious!

Recently my new blog got a surprising recognition -thank you so much Kiki! This means I'll tell you seven things about myself. All this time in english... Here we go:

1. I became a mother in last October 2010, that was the most amazing thing ever happened in my life. I love being a mum!

2. In my life I've lived in six different cities, two of them outside Finland.

3. At home we speak three languages: english, finnish and french -the target is to get it down to two and leave english outside home, but unfortunately we are fully not there yet...

4. One morning I was one of the first people in Australia to see the sunrise, on the most western point of Australia in Byron Bay. It's so beautiful to see the sun rise from the ocean!

5. My favourite cheese are french Comte and Brie but also the classic finnish Aura blue cheese. Have to say that it was hard visiting France during my pregnancy without being able to enjoy all the good french cheese!

6. I like all the seasons, love spring and summer but always felt that still autumn is my favorite time of the year with fresh winds, sunny days and beautiful autumn colours.

7. Few years ago I thought that blogging is not for me, but recently got inspired and here we are!

I should forward this award to 15 blogs, but this time I'm giving it back to Kiki and NAKU who's lovely blogs got me inspired to start my own! Thank you!

P.S. There's too many stylish and beautiful blogs and that makes this kind of awarding very difficult -this award could go to many blogs but it's too hard for me to choose yet as a new blogger!


  1. Tämä oli mennyt täysin ohi. Kiitos Pinja :)

  2. Voi kiitos Pinja:) Minäkin olin missaannut tuon kohdan kokonaan!